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 AEI’s more than 38 years as a small business A/E firm is only surpassed by the collective talent and experience of our team of over 100 qualified professionals. We are committed to meeting your vision and objectives through award-winning design, consistent quality, and professionalism. The AEI culture is built on a more personal level of customer service.
AEI works across markets and geographies to provide value-added engineering solutions to clients’ most pressing infrastructure challenges. We provide custom solutions tailored to Transportation, Site Development, Industrial, Utility, Educational, Municipal, and Federal client needs. From roads to runways, quarries to distribution centers, dams to reserve centers, schools to parks, and everything in between, AEI is “Designing Your Future”.

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AEI provides 82% of the 17 most commonly requested A/E Services typically required on a given project. We have you covered.

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We bring decades of best practices to our core business of transportation systems and infrastructure designs.


Using the latest technology, techniques, and comprehensive services, we offer exceptional engineered geotechnical solutions.

Bridge & Structural

Meticulously accurate bridge design services that represent engineering excellence.

Site Design

Our site plans and designs reflect quality and professionalism.


We have the technology and the experience for the most accurate and professional geospatial surveying solutions available.


Comprehensive services for accuracy and compliance to meet the demands of today’s complex environmental requirements.

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Projects Designed to Get Results

AEI geotechnical, surveying, environmental, and materials professionals provided services for this high-profile project necessary to fill and stabilize voids in both the earthen portion and karst bedrock foundation of the high hazard Wolf Creek Dam on Lake Cumberland.

Geotechnical, Geospatial / Completed


Hazard Dam


Rehabilitation Project


Potential Failure Modes

The purpose of the Dam Remediation and Outlet work project is to control seepage and internal erosion of the earthen portion of the dam. The project consists of a vertical concrete cutoff wall, chimney filter, void filler piles, downstream filter modification and steel liner within the principal spillway. AEI is under contract to provide construction materials field and laboratory testing and inspection in support of the project.

Geotechnical / In-Progress


Cutoff Wall

635 Sq.

Miles of Drainage Area


Acre-Feet of Pool Volume

AEI was the lead design firm for a four-year, $180 million design-build construction project including improvements to I-265, I-64 and I-71 through a heavily traveled corridor in Jefferson and Oldham counties, KY. The overall project includes over 28 miles of roadway re-construction and widening, eight bridge widenings, five new bridges, 5.7 miles of noise barrier walls, and nine RCBC extensions. The objective of the project was to improve safety, relieve congestion, lessen construction impacts and provide lower-cost solution while improving the roads and bridges with available funds. The project will be completed in 2023, three years earlier than estimated with the traditional design-bid-build approach.

Transportation, Geotechnical, Bridge & Structural, Geospatial, Environmental / In-Progress


Million Dollar Design-Build


Miles of Roadway


Miles of Noise Barrier Walls

Several geotechnical analyses were performed for this project. A seepage analysis was performed to determine the minimum depth necessary to prevent groundwater infiltration through the subgrade into the basin.

Geotechnical / Completed

20 Million

Gallon CSO Basin


Auger cast piles


cyds of concrete to date

The 5-Points Intersection Improvement Project, joint funded between Coweta County and City of Newnan, converted an existing awkward 5-legged intersection at Poplar Road, Turkey Creek Road, East Newnan Road, and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to an Urban 4-Legged Roundabout.

Transportation, Geospatial / Awarded


Diameter Roundabout


To a 4 Legged Roundabout

15,000 ADT

Traffic Load in 2025

AEI was on the team for preliminary design, final design, right-of-way activities, and utility engineering to deliver section one of the preferred alternative for the I-69 Ohio River Crossing from the south side of Evansville, IN across the Ohio River southeast of Henderson, KY. AEI’s role included design of a Tight Diamond Triple Roundabout. We created a 3D model and rendering of the proposed concept utilizing Bentley’s OpenRoads and LumenRT for use in a virtual reality (VR) model to communicate the operations and impacts of the proposed roundabout in a manner the general public, stakeholders, and adjacent property owners could comprehend.

Transportation, Geotechnical, Bridge & Structural, Geospatial, Environmental / In-Progress


Public Exhibits




Ohio River Crossing

Mainline alternatives were studied that would utilize the existing parkway bridges over I-65 or alternatives that would move the location of the interchange and provide new bridges. Maintenance of traffic was a primary concern for all alternates. The alternate for relocating the interchange required traffic to be maintained on the existing trumpet interchange, therefore, the existing ramps and bridges had to be incorporated into the maintenance of traffic plan. Of particular importance were the existing bridge piers that required additional merge and diverge analysis, as well as, weaving analysis to ensure proper traffic flow throughout construction. Phase II roadway and structural design also had to accommodate the widening of I-65 through the project area.

Transportation, Bridge & Structural, Geospatial / Completed


Miles of Roadway


ADT Traffic Load


Widening of Bridge

AEI supported the USACE Louisville District Geotechnical and Dam Safety programs by providing geotechnical drilling, laboratory testing, and engineering for civil works and military projects through a $2M Geotechnical Services IDIQ contract from 2014-2019. In 2019, AEI submitted qualifications for a follow-on contract and, due in large part to exceptional performance, was awarded a new $3.5M Geotechnical Services IDIQ contract in 2019 which extends to 2024. Task orders to date have included:

Geotechnical / Completed


Contract Capacity


Completed Task Orders



Logan Aluminum, Inc. (LAI) had plans to expand several production lines at its Logan County, Kentucky, facility and the work had to be completed under strict time schedules while the facility was still in operation. AEI provided surveying, geotechnical, electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) and testing, and inspection support on a variety of interrelated projects including the Hot Mill Building Expansion, the Cold Mill 4 East Expansion, and the SL4 Expansion. AEI also provided civil solutions for a gravel parking lot complete with improved drainage and settling basin to capture area runoff for water quality protection.

Geotechnical, Site Design, Geospatial / Completed

130,000 SF


400 Kip

100-ton Crane



Our size, in many instances, is an asset to our clients. We can provide the flexibility much larger firms cannot offer. This pleases our clients and builds on our current reputation. We want you to be our client. We are extremely optimistic about our future and want to share it with you.

During a reflective moment not long after celebrating our highest revenue year ever and after receiving our PSMJ “Circle of Excellence” recognition, I dusted off our very first brochure, printed in 1983. In the cover letter I emphasized AEI’s advantages in two particular areas - size and flexibility - stating: “Our size, in many instances, is an asset to our clients. We can provide the flexibility much larger firms cannot offer. This pleases our clients and builds on our current reputation. We want you to be our client. We are extremely optimistic about our future and want to share it with you.” It strikes me now that my optimism was prophetic and that - amid an ever growing mega-firm environment – our size and flexibility advantages are just as prevalent today as they were then, even after we have grown exponentially in staff, services, talent, clientele and recognition. I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish at AEI, the staff we have grown and the clients we have served. My feelings toward our potential have only expanded and accelerated. Another comment from that letter also is just as true as it was then – We want you to be our client. Look at what AEI has to offer. I know you will be impressed.

Ben T. Quinn Sr., PE, PLS,
Founder & CEO

Teaming Opportunities

We are proud of out team's ability to deliver comprehensive engineering services, but we also recognize the power of tapping into outside partners under the right circumstances.  In the end, AEI's commitment to strategic teaming is about adding value for our clients.

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