Balancing  infrastructure growth with the preservation of our natural resources is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s businesses and governments. AEI understands this and ensures that your objectives are accomplished with full compliance. 
AEI's history began many years ago with environmental permitting in the coalfields of Kentucky. Since then, we have processed hundreds of permits and provided environmental services for a diverse range of projects.  
Our environmental group can satisfy most client needs including permitting and environmental consulting. We –balance your needs with the protection of our natural resources every time. 




  • NEPA Assessments & Coordination
  • Phase I ESA’s
  • Phase II ESA’s
  • 404/401Permitting
  • Sanitary Systems (Gravity, Pressure Systems)
  • Mine Planning, Engineering and Permitting

Our Offices

  • Glasgow, KY

    65 Aberdeen Dr.
    Glasgow, KY 42141
    Tel: 270.651.7220
    Fax: 270.651.3246

  • Louisville, KY

    2500 Nelson Miller Parkway
    Louisville, KY 40223
    Tel: 502.245.3813
    Fax: 502.245.3814

  • Owensboro, KY

    308 E. 25th Street
    Owensboro, KY 42301
    Tel: 270.478.4610

  • Kennesaw, GA

    1690 Roberts Blvd., Suite 109
    Kennesaw, GA 30066
    Tel: 770.421.8422

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