US 68 - Cumberland Parkway / Future I-66 New Interchange

Edmonton, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Transportation, Bridge & Structural, Geospatial / Completed

US 68 - Cumberland Parkway / Future I-66 New Interchange

Edmonton, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Transportation, Bridge & Structural, Geospatial / Completed


Adjacent Roadways Redesigned

254' 2-SPAN

Bridge Installed

3.5 Years

From Concept to Open for Traffic

AEI provided Phase I and Phase II design for a new US 68 interchange with the Louie B. Nunn Parkway, (future I-66) in Metcalfe County initiated in 2009. The new interchange provided a conversion of the existing US 68 overpass. The project provided much needed direct access to downtown Edmonton and serviceability to an existing industrial park on KY 3524. The AEI team, working with District 3, developed a new rural diamond configuration and one critical for providing a design that would reduce total project cost, construction time, and provide a design that would best meet the goals of the project which had several challenges.
Relevant planning and design items provided by AEI included the following:

• The Project Team completed the project from conception to letting in 3.5 years.

• Challenges included steep terrain, water impacts, residential homes and a cemetery on the project that all were considered when developing the alignments.

• Several different alternatives were studied, including: No-Build, Alt. using the existing bridge, Alt. with new bridge to the west and an Alt. with a new bridge to the east.

• The preferred western alignment included a new interchange bridge just to the west of the existing structure. The new bridge was a 2-span (254’) P.P.C. Type IV I-Beam at 15 degree skew.

• The new interchange design required that major redesigns be completed for existing roadways in the project area including KY 1243 and Maplewood Lane at the westbound on-ramp, KY 3524 at the eastbound on-ramp and Harvey Hurt Road at the eastbound exit ramp.

• Incorporated effective and early coordination with utility providers along the corridor to lessen or avoid impacts to existing facilities.

• AEI provided Signage Plans for the Parkway and
the interchange.

• Developed a MOT plan to keep the existing bridge in operation while the new bridge and entire interchange was being built.

• AEI received a performance evaluation rating of 98.50!

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